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ICOS Introduction

English Language Proficiency

Students learn English through interactive multimedia activities and assignments, at their own pace.

Teachers Guide

Help you monitor the progress of your students as they work through the ESL courses.
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Accelerated English International

Provides five online ESL courses. These cutting-edge courses offer:

  • Flexibility - Any Pace; Any Place; Any Time
  • 100 hours of instruction per course
  • No Travel Needed (work from home via the internet)
  • Cambridge Standards
  • Skype time with our Native English Language tutors
  • Reasonable Prices

Students can sign-up online and complete an English Level test in order to place them in an appropriate Course level suited to their needs. 

Students can access the online classroom at any time and any place through the internet. In the online classroom, students can utilize the multi-media learning tools at their own pace to improve their command of English while having fun.

  • 5 hours of lesson/ week for 20 weeks

  • or 20 hours of lessons/week for 5 weeks.

  • Language tutors are available for students one-on-one conversation time.

Accelerated English International allows students to converse one-on-one online with native English tutors at the most reasonable price. Students can learn to speak fluent English without going abroad.

English Level Test

Measure your abilities in grammar, vocabulary, reading and writing with our quick free online test.

ICOS for Parents

Students can access the online classroom at any time and any place through the internet.

ESL Course Features

ESL Course Features


This popular social platform is adopted for fun interactive communication between students and our “ESL youth”.

Our courses combine both a custom-developed Moodle system and a Pronunciation Practice module to improve students’ listening, speaking, reading and writing abilities using a variety of materials and tools.

  • Accurate Pronunciation
    with our Advanced Voice Recognition and Speech Analysis Tools.
  • Beginner ESL Online Course
    (125 hours) helps students prepare for the Cambridge KET exam (Key English Test).
  • Lower Intermediate ESL Online Course
    (125 hours) helps students prepare for the Cambridge PET exam (Preliminary English Test).
  • Upper Intermediate ESL Online Course (125 hours) further helps students complete the Cambridge PET exam (Preliminary English Test).
  • Advanced ESL Online Course (100 hours) prepares students to enter Grade 10 English and also to write the Cambridge FCE (First Certificate English) exam.
  • Expert ESL Online Course (100 hours) helps students prepare for the Cambridge IELTS  exam. There are 2 versions available:
    • Expert Academic
      & Expert General

      The Expert Academic course is for students who are preparing to enter university while the Expert General course is for those students seeking  to gain employment.
  • One-On-One Conversation Time with a Native English Language Tutor.

English Level Test

Take a Free English Level Test or try out our Sample Lesson.



Lower Intermediate

Upper Intermediate



Accelerated English International

Level 1 Course Syllabus

Level 2 Course Syllabus

Level 3 Course Syllabus

Level 4 Course Syllabus

Level 5 Course Syllabus


Limited exposure to English.

Usage and recognition of common words.

Simple usage of everyday phrases.

Basic understanding of sentence structure.

Understanding of simple instructions and messages.

Understanding of everyday conversations.

Ability to communicate on familiar topics.

Ability to read and write with a limited range of vocabulary.

Clear expression of ideas in English.

Comprehension of English text.

Mastering grammar thoroughly.

Ability to write complete text.

Good command of English vocabulary.

Ability to read complicated articles.

Ability to write well with few grammatical errors.

Ability to communicate in English fluently.

BC High School Course Credits


Intro to ESL 10

ESL 10

ESL 11

ESL 12















Accredited Courses

Accredited Courses

Experienced Educators

Improves the students’ listening, speaking, reading and writing abilities in a focused way with a variety of materials and tools.

Experienced Educators

The Accelerated English International courses have been developed by a team of experienced educators according to the Cambridge standards.


Widely Recognized

Every student who successfully completes our course & language tutor package is presented with Accelerated English International achievement certificate. This certificate is recognized for high school entrance and credit to Golden Hills School Division and Our program prepares students to take  Cambridge PET and IELTS exams which are recognized by  universities, businesses and government agencies worldwide.


Canadian High School Credits

Accelerated English International courses Level 2 to five, receive high school credit towards graduation in British Columbia. These courses are approved through British Columbia education.

English Level Test

Measure your abilities in grammar, vocabulary, reading and writing with our quick free online test.


English Language Proficiency Test - ELPT

Introducing an innovative way to test the English proficiency of your non-native English speakers. Why pay $175.00 to TOEFL when the ELPT costs only $95.00 CDN!

This state of the art, online exam has been developed in accordance with Cambridge standards including IELTS (International English Language Testing System) required for university entrance.

This exam was developed to assist principals, administrators, and employers in standardizing the English proficiency level of their staff in their school or organization.

The exam is completed online and should be proctored. The following language skills are assessed: 

  • Listening
  • Reading
  • Gramma
  • Writing (a short written essay),
  • Speaking (an oral interview)

Participants who pass based on the requirements set by your organization, will receive a certificate of successful completion. Participants who do not reach the requirements will be given an AEI online ESL course at no extra charge in order to help improve their English skills. (This is a $129.95 value). They can then re-take the test at a later date for only $47.50 CAD.

Should you have academic questions about the test or the courses we offer, please contact our Academic Director, Amber McLeod at:

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