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Benefits 2 100 hours of instruction Feature2 Develop excellence
in English
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at your convenience
Benefits 4 Cambridge Standards Feature2 You can depend on AEI to help you reach your goals
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No matter whether students are beginners or are already confident with conversational English, they will be enthusiastic about ICOS. They can study at their own pace wherever and whenever they want. ILC has reviewed many ESL materials and has found that the AEI content is one of the best, well organized and engaging sets of online ESL course content anywhere. I am most pleased to give it my full endorsement. This would be a dream tool for cross-cultural workers around the world to help others learn English and build bridges with neighbours through positive communication.

Gary Gumley, CEO,
Interactive Learning Corporation (Canada and China)


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Our schools are consistently amazed to see how easy it is to start using AEI with their students. Their performance and progress is very substantial and I am happy to recommend AEI to any school or organization that wants to see significant improvement in their students’ English language capability.

Dr. R. Mark Beadle
(Director Online Program)
Sevenstar Academy, USA